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Marshmoor Bricks provide specialist advice on all types of brick, whether stock, extruded (wire cut), handmade, machine made, glazed, or reclaimed. Our firm is experienced at fielding enquires at the design, pre-construction, and construction work stages (based on the 2007 RIBA Plan of Work).

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If your project is at the design stage and you are looking to consider appropriate materials (i.e. at 2007 RIBA Work Stage Design, section E, Technical Design) and you have either an open or fixed vision of the bricks required, we are happy to present options and information that meet your requirements and restrictions.

If you are either tendering for a contract or about to start on site, we are happy to find out costs and lead times in preparation for mobilization. We can provide quotes for specified items, or suggest alternatives if you are undecided on your choice.

Marshmoor Bricks provide a free brick matching service. You are welcome to send us an image of the brick you are trying to match, however we would rather visit the site in person as images are notoriously unreliable. After a site visit, we will send a physical sample for your approval. In the event that the exact brick has been discontinued by the manufacture and there is no remaining stock, we will endeavor to source an alternative.

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We simply require 3 images of the existing brickwork along with the quantity required, a timescale for delivery and any sizes.

Step by step direction
1.Take a photo of the brick from 1 metre
2. Take a photo from 3-4 metres
3. Take a photo of the property or façade.

4. You can either email the information directly to or attach them to one of the brick matching forms on our website. Please note the minimum order quantity is 500 bricks (unless a special shape or an arch).

Once we’ve received your images we’ll always try and provide you with an exact match where we can.

We offer arches produced in rubbed, handmade and machine made textures. These come either traditional or pre formed.

Traditional arch

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Each voussoir (brick piece) is cut and rubbed from oversized material. The arch in then constructed using full size drawings on site. This method is the essence of early arched from Mesopotamia.

Preformed arch

arches panel

Pre formed arches arrive on site pre pointed. The voussoirs are fitted to a concrete or steel lintel.

Special Bricks

Standard and non-standard specials can be supplied in many formats to meet the needs of our customers.

In a situation where no similar brick is available, Marshmoor Bricks offer a brick tinting service. We can supply a brick which is derived from a similar clay or manufacturing technique to the original. Once the materials are on site, the tinting is hand finished by one of our qualified experts, with this process being guaranteed for 15 years. Throughout all our years of trading, we have never had a single site complaint due to ageing-related discoloration. We will forward a process specification on request.

Below are thumbs nail examples of previous projects carried out by our team.

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Camden, North London

Marshmoor Bricks supply all types of stone; Portland, Bath, limestones, sandstones, granites and slates, from both the UK and abroad. We also supply all manufacturing varieties, including; natural, wet cast, semi dry cast, GRC, and GRP. As a firm we are adept at sourcing the most appropriate option within the constraints of the brief and time period we are given. Much of our experience lies in bespoke arch-work, for which we take measurements and photographs from site, produce a quote, and deliver final drawings where required.

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*Please note the minimum order quantity is 500 bricks (unless a special shape or an arch).