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Special Bricks & Arches

In addition to our extensive catalogue of masonry bricks, Marshmoor bricks also supply special bricks and bricks for arches. We have a wide selection of specially shaped bricks to support unique purposes or complement specific aesthetic or historical styles. Our range of specials offers a broad scope of creative possibilities for architectural features such as arches, rounded edges and ornamentation.

Special bricks are available in various colours, sizes, and textures, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your project. Whether you wish to add a distinctive touch to a residential or commercial building or embark on a restoration project, we can provide expert advice and support to ensure the right special brick is available. Most specials can be laid from a 1 mm to a 10 mm joint allowance, and some are available in days, not months.

Every project is unique and may necessitate specific types of bricks. Our selection of special bricks is not limited to new construction projects but extends to restoration projects. We understand the importance of preserving historical buildings and structures, and our collection of special bricks can help you restore or develop your historic property.

What are Special Bricks?

Special bricks are designed and shaped to fit a specific purpose or match an aesthetic style. They are often common in heritage buildings and their forms often standardised by the Victorian era. See below for examples of the various types in use. We can also mould bespoke bricks if you have particular requirements.

cavetto special brick
bullnose special brick
cant special brick
Conge Profile
conge profile special brick
Cyma Recta
cyma recta special brick
Cyma Reversa
cyma reversa special brick
Dentil Profile
dentil profile special brick
Half Round Coping
half round coping special brick
Balham Leaf
balham leaf special brick
Clapham Double Flower
clapham doubke flower special brick
ovala special brick
plinth special brick
Rope Profile
rope profile special brick
Saddleback Coping
saddleback coping special brick
Scotia Profile
scotia profile special brick
Torus Profile
torus profile special brick

Bricks for Arches

We offer both preformed arches and traditional arches. In traditional arches each voussoir (brick piece) is cut and rubbed from oversized material. The arch in then constructed using full size drawings on site. Pre-formed arches arrive on site pre pointed. The voussoirs are fitted to a concrete or steel lintel. Our arches are produced in rubbed, handmade and machine made textures.

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